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Accommodation Details

Hi Family & Friends:

We have secured this lovely boutique hotel for our wedding as well as for our accommodations. The entire hotel will be secured from Thursday (check-in) through Sunday (check out), February 15th to February 18th (3 nights) so that all of us can stay in one place together. If you need to add a day before or after, this can be arranged (please let us know in advance).

The hotel consists of the following room options:

  • Superior Room (9 rooms; $170)
  • Deluxe Twin (3 rooms; $210)
  • Deluxe King (7 rooms; $210)
  • Junior Suite (4 rooms; $250)

All rooms include breakfast as well as transportation to and from the airport. The rates listed above include all fees and taxes, so the price listed is what you pay times 3 (days).

We secured these rooms at a significant discount so that as many of us could all be together in a private and luxurious setting.

Contact us directly via phone or text to secure your room. Payment can be sent directly to either of us via Zelle, Venmo, Paypal, etc.

Hotel Information:

Ananda Boutique Hotel

Calle del Cuartel 36-77

Cartagena, Columbia 130015

(855) 797-6733

Visit Website

Travel Details

From East Coast:

1) JetBlue - Has the best non-stop flights to Cartegena from JFK at very reasonable prices if you book ahead (Tuesday & Wednesday flights are less expensive than Thursday),

2) Avianca - Has the cheapest non-stop flights to Cartegena from JFK on Tuesdays & Wednesday early mornings (3am). Disclaimer: While cheap, we've been told the experience is not the best.

*Total time for both is 5-6 hours (direct flights)

From West Coast:

1) Copa - Has 1-stop (Panama 1 hour layover) for reasonable prices out of SFO.

2) American - Has 1-stop (Miami 45 min layover) for similar cost to Copa out of SFO as well.

*Total time for both is between 9-10 hours

Note: Visit the Colombia Immigration site below 72 hours before your flight. A visa is NOT required for US citizens, but this immigration form needs to be filled out.

Visit Website

Local Transportation

Airport to & from:

If you stay at Ananda, transportation to and from the airport is included. We will just need to inform the hotel, when you are arriving.

If you're staying somewhere else, we recommend you take an Uber to & from the airport.

Local Travel:

Uber is the best way to get around versus the local taxis. It's cheaper and you can avoid being overcharged. Uber is very available and reliable there.

Currency Exchange Tips

If you're going to use cash in Colombia, we recommend you exchange currency here in the US. All the currency exchange outlets (including the one at the airport) all charge a fee and the rate is not the best.

You can charge almost everything on your credit/debit card including tips at restaurants, but if you want ensure your server gets the tip directly and/or want to tip hotel staff, buy street merchandise, etc, you will want to have some cash handy.